343 as Opposed to 33rd Degree

12 13 = 16  ((12 + 4) (13 + 3))
4  3

43 – 16 = 27 (27 is a Prime Number used in RSA encryption 3 x 3 x 3 = 27)

3 x 3 x 3 = 27 ( 3’s equate to the 4th thus 43 without the 3rd because it is really 343)

5  6  7
5  4  3
10 10 10 – Locking Numbers only in pairs.

7  8  9
4  3  2
3  4  5
14 15 16 – Moving Numbers only in Triads.

Gold got old.  So they elected the Electron.

It is not 333 but 343. Because 3+4+4+3 = 12 Notes (votes), 2 Octaves and 2 Sub Octaves in music. 14 is the total but the Octaves overlap at 1 and 13.  1+13=14.  12 Notes plus 2 Octaves Up and Down.  The 4 overlaps the other 4 and halved to account 2 for the Octaves and 2 for the 12 Notes from 3+4+3=10+2=12 Notes in a Scale. 2 remainder account for 1 and 13 Octave notes.

3+4+3 = 10 PLUS 2 because in order to lock your target (based on the locking numbers shown above) you can hit it.  Moving targets (moving numbers shown above) can not be hit.  Think of a sniper and a rifle. 3443  (343) as the 4 overlap. 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 as the 3 add up to a number pair called Twenty-Seven..

4+3+3+4 = 14 MINUS 2 also is the same thing as the above paragraph.

4/3 = 12 (multiple)

C there are 3 numbers 3+4+3 and below is 4+3+3+4.  4×3 = 12.  Four and Three. C or See is at position 12 on a clock.  The musical note C is 12.

(Look at the Title of this Post. Which one is the Peace sign below?)



Religion leads to Science

Your Koran Away.  You became so scared at the core of your being you ran away.
Your Core Ran Away.

The Holy Bible is full of Holes and so you are scared you left something out.
The Holey Bib is a womb-man with a baby that wholey can not piece it together.

The Torah, torn you apart.
Tor ah what?

Catholics are Alcoholics.
Cathode is negative.

Religion makes you re-legion against your own kind.  Religion is intentionally not spelled right as to hide.

If you do not have a religion, you have to have something and Science is what is left over after exhausting everything else.

Science means Sci or maybe (sigh/sci) and ence means Pence (penny in England) an idea or an object (what is money, Paper or Electron Credit Card). They like science because they like money.  Money is the only thing we like as if we do not like each other money can transact peacefully.

Religion took two things from us, that only Science could/can fix.

  1. Wisdom Teeth

    Do not pull your Wisdom Teeth. Pulling them causing all your teeth to fall out, because when the Wisdom Teeth grow in they push the rest of them together.  This strengthens all your teeth when they are pushed together.  Pulling Wisdom Teeth causes flossing, which does nothing but cost Dental Care.  Lose of thickness of teeth making them brittle and fall out earlier than usual.  Dentists pull Wisdom Teeth to give themselves work in the future for all your cavities that form.

  2. Circumcision

    Cutting of the Penis and Vulva causes new born males and females to turn blue and pass out from the pain.  At birth we are traumatized.  In males, having foreskin shields rubbing of the Penis head in your pants as you walk. In females the labia needs to be there to prevent leakage from Periods each month. It is annoying, unnatural and torture at birth.  Doctors unwittingly trick Mothers by wording what to do with their baby boys at birth by stating the Question like this.  Wording and Phrasing Problem —>.Why Some Women Choose to Get CircumcisedExternal Female Genitalia Mutilation for females is described here.

  3. Mono-Sexuals also known as Homo-Sexuals (this includes male and female)
    People that hate homosexuals, Gay and Lesbians should love the fact that if you let them couple and have sex means they will NOT spread their genes.  So, let them have sex with each other and be free. Their genes are deformed, but letting them love each other will just keep their genes to themselves. Do not hate them as they hide from Gay bashing and just make more Gays to hide in the opposite sex.

Global Warming is Healthy

Ice expands when it freezes.  So, when Antarctic Ice melts it will contract into the Ocean again.  No Sea Level Rise or very little.  So, burn up the Oil and free up land to populate the Earth.

The Desert is nice and dry, free from moisture.

It is easy to make it rain with Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is putting to metallic plates into a bowl of water, Sea Water in particular to make fresh water.  One side is connected to a Battery to plates and the Hydrogen Oxygen Pressure presses on to two other plates to condense back into Water.  The condensation plates are like Rain Clouds.   Anyone can make fresh water from sea water.

Global Warming is healthy, especially if you live in Alaska and Frozen Russian tundra.  Between Alaska and Russia that is a lot of land.

Biloxi, Mississippi is hot and muggy.  The Nevada desert is nice and dry warm non-muggy weather.

People that are against Global Warming really must hate technology.


4/3 and the number 12

4/3 is special and needs a Symbol.

V = 4/3 PI r^2. This formula is for calculating the Volume of a Sphere. But, the 4/3 is special. It needs a symbol like PI and Radius has. Here is why.


First, base 12/10 has to be explained. Normally, we use just a single base in mind.
Like, base 2 (binary) or base 10 (fingers) or base 16 (hexadecimal).  But,
there does exist, via this first post about it, a dual base. Base 12/10.

If you add, looking at the image above, 8+2 you get 10 using base 10.  If you add
9+3 you get 12 in base 12 and 10.

This matters, because if you multiple 4 x 3 (instead of divide) you get 12 in base 10.

Thus base 12/10.  We can also include base 8, because everything always comes in 3's.

So to do it in base 8 you add 4+3 (instead of divide) to make 7.  0-7 has 8 digits, 
thus base 8.

So, there is this funny swapping effect of multiplying with adding and dividing with
adding. 12/4 = 3 and 12/3 = 4.   So, the 3 and 4 are swapping back and forth as 12
is the common numerator in a base 10 number system.  No one thought of a common
numerator.  It is always a common denominator math people use.

I choice Base 12/10 because base 2 is 0's and 1's like swapping to make 10.

Base 12/10.

Based on 12/3 and 12/4 swapping 3 with 4 or 0 with 1.



The above formula is a reduced version of the first formula. In searching for why 4/3 meant anything (12/4 and 12/3) swapping 1’s and 0’s to make 01 (base 2), because base 10, I came across this other person’s post. Click here to view her post. The absurd thing is that in her post where I had to consult a math lover that really wasn’t looking for non-random (unintentional) truth but instead gave it. The formula that inspired my last image was from her 3rd image in her post (as all things come in 3’s). I was not randomly thoroughing out math, but she was. So the swapping effect from his/her and her/his just goes on and on.

12 is a universal base number system like base 2. Base 2 is Binary using a minimum of 2 digits, as it can not go to base 1 using 1 digit.  The upper limit base number system is base 12, as it is tied to PI and a logarithmic guitar, as apposed to a Sitar which is random and senseless non-logarithmic. Other base number systems in between 2 and 12 are common example like base 10 and base 8 (used in computers RWX or Octal).

You can created base 16 but to physical reality like Geometry, there is no point.  32 bits are used but 24 bits whee used as 4 bits where once used.

Base 12 is related to PI and 12 notes on a guitar. In calculations of Spherical volumes we use 4/3 times PI times radius cubed. But, we need to make 4/3 a SYMBOL and that is my point. Make a new mathematical symbol that represents 4/3.

Here is how 12 is calculated in with 4/3.

Question: How was the below formula obtained?
Answer: With a mixture of the two fractional ones above.


There are three ways to look at the solution.

1) Add 8+4 and 9+3 and both equal 12.
2) Or add 9+3 in base 12/10 it equals 8, because
   4+3 is 7 or 0-7 or 8 digits (looking at 4/3)
   9 + 3.
  (9 + (10, 11, 12)) where 3 are three place holders for base 10 but adding in base
3) 4/3 if multiplied 4x3=12

The first and third is much simpler to understand. And funny enough 4/3 = 1.3333333333 which is 1 the first and 3 the third, looking at the previous sentence.  If the 2nd confuses you look at the beginning of this post and the first greyed paragraph.

And with my magical math skills I leave the best for last.  PI fascinates mathematicians to no end.  When I first saw this from Wikipedia I wondered why it did not roll out to 3 but 3.1415 instead.  Well Richard Feynman was right.  The universe is asymmetry, ever moving.  But, he was looking at a flower or any plant in nature.  Then fractals along with 1980’s computers, showed in computer simulation fractals and asymmetry.  Time moves in one direction only, because the universe is asymmetrical.  Time can not do both in perfect symmetry.  Asymmetry.


In computers, as I really do not like math as much as programming in algebra using C, PHP and JavaScript (math sucks without pictures); there is a thing called precision.  Precision is the remainder, which in PI is 0.1415.  This precision is the space between atoms.  Just like in 3D modeling of reality on a computer, so is physical reality.

Reference to: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PiFormulas.html

Banking and Global Civil War

Dear Congress and Just America (Just America to stay sane but to include all),

Read the whole article to find the solution to America’s Banking Crisis, if not Global. This article differs in comparison to most articles in that a Solution is offered not demanded.  People need time to stop and think.  Everything is unwinding into a Cri$i$ (ISIS The Money Crisis. The Dollar as an ‘S’ and two Pillars through it).  But, at some point Internet and Phone Communications will lead to some Computer Programmers and Government Analysts to save us all.

If we do not find a Solution for the US Treasury (Under NATO) in order to fund a Basic Income, the Money Crisis NATO blames on Islam (which does not use money) will continue. Why? Because America is stuck in a Fascist (Fascinating) War Economy, fueled by Corporations. It is possible to have a Fascist Creation/Peace Economy, yet to return to America.  It is written in the Bible, if you are Religious or not, these texts are a history lesson.  Since, Rome could not find an alternative to a failed Monetary State, it fell into The Dark Ages, where no money was welcome at all.  But, without the concept of money we had to go back to bartering.  Bartering is the most primitive way to operate an economy.  We are in DEEP TROUBLE if we do not figure out how to tap into the Too Big Too Fail Investment Banks and satisfy them for fears of complete Economic Collapse,. America could have it’s own Perestroika and never recover from it like The Soviet Union couldn’t.

Solution to ISIS the Money Crisis The Globalist Agenda

To Tax or not to Tax?  The point is a TAP off the Main Money Flow to support a bottom line called Government. Including the Poor, as again INCLUDING THE POOR, as Governments ALWAYS Pays itself before anyone else. And since Government pays itself, the people in that Government get LAZY like the Poor appear to be.  It is a Duality (Private Banking VS Government) that has to become a Non-Duality.  How to non-duality?  Simple, turn your STOCK MARKET into a BANK and Allow Government (which supports bottom line poor and Government itself) to manage this MASSIVE Stock Market/Bank merge.  It is such a responsibility that no one can corrupt it as too many if not ALL people rely on it to work, because they are ONE.  Right now the WORLD separates Banking as follows.

  1. Privatized Banking (The Federal Reserve, IMF and China/Russian Banks)
  2. Stock Markets that are new on the Economic scene, historically.
  3. Sovereign Governments that TAX.

Merge these THREE into ONE elected group (per Nation, yeah yeah eventually merging all CPI for a 1:1 GLOBALLY) and you have yourself one powerful force.  So, which nation will do it first?  Well they all have them separated so War is everywhere and America is in Crisis. The problem with taking over the WORLD (by Merging these 3 for Creation not War) is that you learned it HERE on the INTERNET which of course is Open Source Thought. Hitler would love you as well as David R. Rockefeller disguised as Hitlary (Hillary Clinton, a women of the CFR, headed by Rockefeller.)  It always works in Three’s.  Rome, Germany now America.  America is the new Ultra power that will end well, because the third try is always required to usher in a New Beginning of some sort.  As a women named Hillary Clinton will expose many truths with Donald Trump and redefine Big Oil defining America as a Petro-Dollar War Nation with it’s NATO loyal followers.  This is modern day Executive Politics. This would put an end to ‘The Globalists’ as the 3 mentioned above would finally be ONE as a group so not as to be corruptible by The CFR.

How the World is Organized Economically

  1. NATO (Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank) Now in Crisis and Vulnerable.
  2. Eurasian Trade Zone called BRICS (China and Russia primarily)
  3. Islamic State (a no economy/money but VITAL as they are Vulnerable)

So, to solve this (once again it always appears in Threes’) but must be Merged or Respected as ONE existing on the Planet. Notice that the first mentioned (NATO) is in Crisis as is the Islamic State has been made so by the former.  Yet, we have Eurasian in listing 2 that is the Largest Economy.  These must be Respected and Respectable by each other.  Once, this happens World War III will be finally over. (The 4th World War simply can happen but in Nuclear War it is certain Global Death therefore does not exist.)  There we have Third time is a charm over and over and over again.

How in General Banking Currently Works in America


We Tax the Civilian World, dump 55% of the Trillions Taxed into The Military World and then blow things up, including the Money itself.  So, you can think of that 55% Military Expenditure as being siphoned out of the Civilian Job force and exacerbating Technological Unemployment Job Displacement, Banking Policy Scams and a Myriad of other ways the Economy in America is NOT sustainable.  Not saying we do not need a Military, but 55% is quite large and stinks of a New World Odor.

We Can Not Tax/Tap Factories or Robots that took your Job.

The reason why we can not Tax/Tap the Robots and Factories themselves, is because Countries have swapped factories out to other countries. Example: America uses China FOXXCON to produce the iPhone as just one example. So, if America wants to Tax/Tap Apple Inc, it can NEVER EVER obtain the money because the factories are in China, UNDER THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT.  So, the only way to obtain this Revenue source is to Tax/Tap Wall Street Stock Exchanges where Apple inc is Stock Traded in America.

Why Your Rent Goes Up (#1 American Scam Known)


Principle, Interest and the Basis Point LIE – The Amortization Effect

Principle is the Loan Amount.  The Interest all goes to the Lending Banking CartelsThe big LIE is that a 5% Fixed Rate Mortgage is actually a 50% Fixed Rate.  Because, they the banking system (The Federal Reserve), call it 5 Basis Points NOT 5 Percentage Points (or 50% the true rate).  So, how about that!  You are being legally lied to because, once you sign your Home Loan, Car Loan or other such Loan you can not back out because they told you it was BASIS points not Percentages.   In contrast not even your Credit Card charges above 18% and does not LIE to you and say it is 1.8% Basis points set by The Federal Reserve.

This Banking Lie is called Amortization.  You can fiddle with your OWN Mortgage your self and be shocked to learn why Rent and Mortgages are so high, as well as learn where all that Interest money is going to using (Click Here) this Web Site Mortgage calculator.

Home/Residential and Commercial Real-estate is managed by Principle + Interest if you get a Banking Loan.  In 30 years time that loan will cost you 50-60% more than what you originally asked for.  A $300,000 loan fix interest rate after 30 years paid off balloons to $450,000 or more due to compounding interest.  (per the chart above)  You are paying 75% Interest and only 10% of the Loan/Principle off in the beginning of the 30 year fixed rate loan ending at 5% towards the end of the Loan payoff.  After figuring out this scam, Real-estate Agents price Housing up and up even with modest repairs to the House, because of the indirect Amortization Effect The only way to avoid this scam is to buy the house out right or pay it off as quickly as possible, but good luck.

When people that just RENT are also being Scammed, which leads to Inflation, National Debt and Too Big Too Fail Banks, a Banking Crisis eventually happens and a Civil War occurs to re-balance The Banking System.  Why? because there is no way to opt out of the Banking Home Loan Basis Points scam, because Renters have to pay into the same God Damn Thing.


This Basic Income is certain to be a requirement to avoid a full blown Civil War 2 in America,  as evident around the World it has been nothing but Warfare and Financial Scams.  Rent is the number one expense consuming your Money as compared to food, water, clothing, Health and Energy.

You can explore how much you spend per paycheck (Click Here) and notice Rent is number one, second is your Car.  By far it is monthly Rent/Mortgage payments that steals from people using Interest Rates they call Basis Points that are actually 10 times the Percentage you thought it was.  It is called Amortization.

How to unfreeze Commerce and Ship your Global Goods Again

Give your customers Money in the form of a base-line, basic income or bill of rights.  Human evolution has hit a brick wall in terms of a 9 am to 5 pm Job.  Automation and Robotics are taking away Middle Class Jobs.  Corporations are just too efficient for a 1 to 1 employment scheme.  Robotic Factories make it a new ratio yet to be officially measured.  Instead of 1 to 1 employment it is more like 1000 to 1.  In other words 1 Robot can do the work of a 1000 strong men or a 1000 female paper pushers (PDFs and Email). People are a vessel to buy stuff based off the Virtue of simply being alive with a Heart Beat to receive a Guaranteed Basic Income from Cradle to Grave.

An Alternative to Jaded Helm
(How to Win-Win the Too Big Too Fail Banks)

A way to Finance this idea of a Bill of Rights (aka Basic Income) and create a sound Monetary System, is to reform Wall Street and The Federal Reserve System.  Both have to be reformed together for anything to function long term or at all.  The US Treasury and the Too Big Too Fail Investment firms now have something sane to Invest in called a Basic Income to stabilize America again. Everyone wants to secure their securities, end poverty, end Civil Disputes, Nation Build and such but could not find a way to Fund it with the Too Big Too Fail Banks stealing The Federal Reserve Money via Mortgage Interest Basis Point/Interest Rate Scam.


1) Reform Wall Street into the Bank of Wall Street a ‘Universal GDP Stock Ticker’ and tap into it for a Source of Revenue, formerly called a Tax System.  (In Code We Trust)

2) Reform The Federal Reserve System into a Department of Banking under the US Government and write off The Trillions in War Debts due to 911 as the Too Big Too Fail Banks already have the Money. How Too Big Too Fail Banks get their Money. (Click Here)

3) In Act a Basic Income Rights Bill for the poor in an Age of Robotic and Computer Job AutomationAmount paid per month pegged to RentProof using this Tool (Click Here)

Why Too Big Too Fail Banks Must Not Fail

Capital Controls must be in place to prevent another J.P. Morgan type to shuffle around his Billions in Stock in order to accidentally Crash the Stock Market and cause World War III. 

The Too Big Too Fail Banks are where America’s wealth has been Pooled via collection of Interest Payments on Home and Car Loans also using Inter-Bank Lending.  They are Wall Street Stock Tickers.  They already exist as a Stock Trading Banking Structure.  So, a Bank of Wall Street Congressional Bill in reality would replace The Federal Reserve DEBT.

The US Congress is trapped by The Federal Reserve System in the way we fund our Government and lie about Basis Points know as Interest Rates.  Any money the Senate Appropriations (from US Treasury) gets, is a Tax (Federal, State and Local/Sales).  The Federal Reserve makes money Selling Money + Loan Interest Rates (really known as Basic Points) to the US Government and it’s People than turns around and says pay it back + Interest.  Mean while American’s are trying to pay off a Mortgage that is Amortized to death via the Basis Point LIE (detailed above) that gets pooled into Lending Banks that are then Traded on Wall Street making 0.00001% of us Rich.  The funny part is that The Federal Reserve sets the Interest Rates on Loans only to milk the American Home Loan system and then force the US Government to ask ‘the lender of last resort’ when people start calling for Civil War because there Rent/Mortgage is too high.  Meanwhile these Banking Mortgage Loan firms, using The Fed’s own Interest Rate Scam, take off with all the money!  So, The Federal Reserve cannot collect to save you and US Government can not access the Too Big Too Fail Banks that are robbing people ever time they pay their Mortgages off.

In fact with this type of Banking System in place can only lead to two outcomes.  A MASSIVE Military that must panic to organize and go fight a Foreign War known as Fascism as it is the only thing that employs people in a Monetary Crash.  Or the people refuse, arm themselves and play Civil War.  In my opinion Civil War is much safer as at least it stays within that Nations Borders, doesn’t pester Governments and leads to a New Way of Banking.  Remember, you may not like your life or your enemies but it is ALWAYS about FUCKING MONEY.

No BODY KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK TO DO, Let alone what the FUCK is happening!  Well, wake up!  And read this Post over and over again until you get it.

In Georgia State, USA, all Assault Rifles are expected to be taken by force (Senate Bill) childishly blaming some hicks in a swamp for the 19 Trillion in National Debt.  Possibly attacked by Local Police and then Military.  Civil War 2 could go from street shoot outs to full blown Urban Warfare, Nation Fucking Wide!

America’s Answer to Avoid a Jaded Helm.

1) Banks of Wall Street ‘Universal GDP Stock Ticker’ to draw appropriations from.
(The Too Big Too Fail Banks at Wall Street want to Invest but do not know what the FUCK to Invest in.  They will invest in a Basic Income that only feeds back into their FUCKING Too Big Too Fail Investment Firms and end America’s Commerce Shipping Freeze.)

2) CORPORATIONS have a rainbow of stock tickers, including Too Big Too Fail Banks.
3) United States Congress
4) CORPORATIONS have workers Robotic and Human. An Atlas Not to ever Shrug.

5) People receiving a Basic Income Rights Bill basicincome.org and regular Payroll Taxes feed Revenues back into Banks of Wall Street and US Treasury. (Back to Step 1)  Money Flows Circularly instead of like a Dead End Debt Trap.
(Could be In Acted by Congress as an idea.)

The reason we are seeing mass crime, poverty, economic collapse and political turmoil is because we left out Steps 1,3 and 5.

The Glass Ceiling Effect

Long term unemployment checks, which the ‘glass ceiling’ ended on February 14, 2015, caused a cascade of economic collapse that is NOW CURRENTLY causing mass shootings, debates about gun rights, RENT not being payable and mass homelessness State by State.

2 million unemployment checks stopped on February, 14th, 2015
x $2,000 per person/month on average
$4,000,000,000 (BILLIONS per month) was CUT out of the American economy OVER NIGHT.  Mind you this number seems small but to lower/middle class is it astronomical.

This was America’s test that a basicincome.org economy, when without, leads to CIVIL WAR and a COMMERCE SHIPPING FREEZE.  Those long term unemployment checks propped up 2 million middle class Americans for 2 or more years and thus caused a dramatic economic tremor after the Glass Ceiling at the Federal Reserve Bank was reached. Also the EBT or Quest Card can be thought of as a rudimentary Basic Income.

CIVIL WAR 2 is already here. Homeless are shoved around by Police with automatic weapons in Portland.Homeless Camps opening up all across America. Click Here. Only giving them money as a base-line basic-income will this ever be resolved.  These jobs are NEVER coming back, and sending money to Corporate board rooms for them to rebuild America is a fools errand. http://auction.com shows a MASSIVE auction this winter 2016/2017. Just check auction.com and you will see your District and State are not immune.   Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy has forced the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal to happen regardless of either sides opinion. (One can not just let sit 5 or more Massive Shipping Vessels left at sea.)

Basic Income Bill – Will it make people Quit their Jobs?

A basicincome.org is just that, so basic it is down right boring. People will never just quit their jobs for a basic income for free money.  If anything it will keep them safe at home, get married, have children and get smart on the Internet. A Basic Income only augments regular wages.  Besides the fact the unemployment rate is 25% or more already.

An Alternative to Jade Helm (Jaded Helm)

2014_gun_statsBlack People do not own as many Guns let alone Assault Rifles as White Caucasians do.  Black People can no longer be used as the scapegoat for a failed American Monetary Policy that Governs our Supply and Demand of Goods and Services.

Looking at the statistics to the left shows an equal spread of armed civilians across The Nation.  Most of them are White Middle Class, Conservative Citizens.  Georgia State is Rural, meaning Forested Swamp Land and not City or Suburban Terrain. Any Jade Helm Gun Confiscation or confrontation in these areas should be avoided, as it will cause a ripple effect into our Urban and Suburban America.  Rural Forested Swamp is defendable. Jade Helm will become a Jaded Helm cascading Civilian (armed or not) to scoff at this type of Governance.  These Rural areas do not have a heavy commerce center like Shopping Malls, Corporate and Small businesses to draw employment from.  Rural areas are the most frustrated and in need of a Basic Income.  You will see Trump supports in these Rural areas as their Family Farms where made obsolete by Modern Factory Farm Automation that is just as good if not cleaner and by far more efficient.

City (Urban) and Suburban areas seem to be less armed because the Economic Contractions are less prevalent due to Factory Produced Goods.  However,  Corporations in these areas can not do a 1 to 1 employment as there would be more Employees in the Store than Customers.

The current Banking Policies desperately want to fill the Wealth Gaps through current banking Practices via the only way we know how called Taxation and Federal Reserve Debt Lending.

For people already stranded as homeless with NO ADDRESS or BANK ACCOUNT or any U.S. Patriots playing ‘camp and wait’ will need to realign into societies economic machine. We pluck people off the streets that are homeless and give them an Apartment and Bank account to feed Corporate coffers with EFT basicincome.org methods. For U.S. Patriots that are armed with assault rifles they should turn in their Assault Rifles for a basicincome.org EFT monthly bank transfer. (or monthly paper check). Military Assault Rifles should never have been sold to Civilians by the Free market.  Be a Conscientious Objector.

PUT A PRICE ON LIFE. (as to be valued) ( http://basicincome.org ). $2000 / per month per person over 18-21 years of age. Do not give 18 years of age or younger Free Money as this should be a Parent and Public School class on how money works.

Share this, video: Basic Income

Banking Crisis Solved in a Nutshell

Yes, The Stock Market allows for the spread of risk. But, now that RISK is the Stock Market itself, such as In a Crash.

How about using the Stock Market per sovereignty/currency to be a BANK. In which the stock market Indexes are all totaled up to form a POOL of Money.

Why pool this money? To allow a Government (like the US Government and the American Exchanges of Stock) to use as a CENTRAL BANK.

Guess what? No more taxes, because your government and most other if not all governments with stock markets TAX to power their government.

But, Tax is too convoluted and corruptible.  So you allow the government to get their funds from the POOL of money from the Stock Market.

Like a Pyramid shape. Where all the stocks are at the bottom (thousands of stock indexes) all connecting to the top (apex) of the Pyramid to allow Government to Draw money from (formerly known as taxes).  To Fund Government Departments like (Public Schools, Public Libraries, Public Infrastructure, Public Parks, Public Transportation and even Military Defense not Offense.  But, the one I left out INTENTIONALLY is called a Basic Income defined by a BILL OF RIGHTS where Food/Water, Housing, Clothing, Health and Energy was guaranteed for ALL Americans from Cradle to Grave.

Britain already has a Base-Line Benefits Income  program that the British Monarchy formed with Church Hill after London was carpet bombed by The Nazi Party forcing the British to rethink money and their existence.

Although Britain did adopt a Basic Income/Bill of Rights after World War II they have yet to Merge their Stock Market of Exchanges with their Central Banking Systems.  America could be the first, given how in DEBT The Federal Reserve System is and how we can not seem to distribute Robotic Factory modern day labor output.

Not only would The Central Bank be under The People’s Control, but also The Stock Markets to a greater degree as The Collection of Stock Markets is The Central Bank not a small group of people running The Federal Reserve.  

This would marry Public Interests (Pyramid Apex) with Private Interests (Base of the Pyramid of Stock Indexes) as all these Banking Systems are both in the hands of Government/Public and Business/Private Interests.  You can not get a more fair Banking system at it’s core.

Why did no one do this yet? Computers had to be invented to digitize Wall Street and the Stock Market and the Banking systems and all that fun stuff.

Global Warming

How are we to deal with Global Warming, which is powered by business, without appropriate monetary controls? So, which comes first? Monetary reform or Energy Reform? You can not do Energy reform with out monetary Notes as Votes. Basicincome.org gives people more Notes to Vote on issues with. Notes to Vote.  Nature itself will Govern the Global Warming issue, such as Oil, Coal and Fossil Fuels used as the primary Energy Source.  Earth is 70% water covered.  Oceans are a massive mover of Heat via Rain and River formations.  We can not cover over all continents like South America and the Amazon Basin with paved roads and Human Industrial Lifestyles.  We have to leave at least South America and most of Africa open to Forest growth as a future carbon sink.  If we leave those two continents unpaved by roads for say 90% of the continents square miles we can leave a buffer or margin of error when carbon sinking is dictated to us, not by Human Beings, but by Earth itself.

Cloud cover is a prime indicator of a planets Global Warming Scale.  Clouds act as a blanket covering you in your bed at night.  When too many blankets are thrown over top of you, you begin to sweat.  The Earth is no different.  There is an INCREASE on average regarding yearly Global Cloud Cover.  The smog is local over top all cities, like San Jose Valley in the form of brown not white fog as to determine Global Warming is a Hoax or not.  Temperatures fluctuate too much year to year based on the Elliptical Orbit around the Sun and the Solar X-Flare activities of that beautiful Star we call the Sun.  Venus is our sister Planet where it does not take a Genius to show average nay Sayers about Global Warming not being caused by too much Cloud Cover.

Over Population Myth

Long story short.  In a world with Oil/Coal, yes, there is an Over Population Problem.  But, otherwise Over Population is a Myth without Fossil Fuels.  Examples: When you eat, drink, live in your home you are producing no Global Warming Gases.  It is only when your body gets in a Car or Jet-Liner does your body start to burn Oil and thus Warm the Planet up a bit.  Yes, if a Billion of you just sit at home, eat, watch TV, make love and play Internet you produce little to no Green House Gases.  You can eat all the Hamburgers from methane emitting Cows you want, as what Cows eat came from the Earth and they Cow Patty them back to the Earth.  The methane that escapes is burned and ignited in the upper atmosphere when Lightning Bolts convert Methane into Grayish Dust.  But, as soon as a Billion of you get into your Car and go to work or vacation or a business trip on an Airplane you do have to say Over Population is a Global Warming problem.  But, if your Car or Airplane burn no Fossil Fuels then Population is Overly Exaggerated as a problem once Fossil Fuels are replaced by Electric Cars, Hydrogen Burning Airplanes or other non-fossil fuel methods of generating movement called Energy..

We can build Vertically (up/down), farms, apartments, underground trains or what ever.  Just do not cover up South America and Africa as we need those two land masses as a place to keep and restore and even terraform new forests if need be.  As far as human Trash in dumps are concerned either incinerate or recycle it.  Do not pile up trash then cover it up with dirt as it can not biodegrade. Plastic in Salt Water (the Ocean) under Sun Light will bio-degrade that plastic drinking bottle in a few years.  Scientists can also revert any type of plastic back into Oil, using reverse chemical processes in a Laboratory.  There is already massive shredding machines that can shred entire Vehicles and recycle them.

Oil and Coal are a concern NOT your body or how many of you there are.  You plus Oil/Coal is an Over Population FACT.  But, you plus no Oil/Coal could in theory number in the Double Digit BILLIONS in terms of a population number.  Natural Gas / Methane when burned leaves a tiny amount of gray matter.  It takes an enormous amount of Natural Gas burning in one location to produce this dusty grayish material.  The rest of the Methane is burned and gone.  Natural Gas is what is used to heat most homes, so if people tell you it is harmful to burn they are lying.  The problem with Natural Gas and Over population is that it leads to drilling for the Liquid Natural Gas, which in Nature is called Oil.  Leading to the Solid called Coal.  So, Electric Home Heaters will stop the Over Population Scare in regards to Natural Gas.

Pornography in The Internet Age

What does a rigged to steal from society, but the Inner Circle of Bankers,  do to us sexuality?  It causes Mass Prostitution.  First, with Hustler magazines in store shops in the 1970’s.  Then, comes the Internet and turning large portions of Internet traffic into Real Time Prostitution Rings. (redtube.com and youporn.com)  Putting all Pornography under one domain like .xxx makes it easy for Web Browsers to code in Parental Password Controls to prevent your 3 year old from seeing he or she’s first sexual experience.

All that needs to be done is to change two files on Linux Systems and on Windows Systems two settings.  Porn Sites will have to buy another domain from a DNS registrar then ditch the old .com one.

Most popular Web Browsers are: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Apple’s Safari, Opera and Netscape’s Firefox.  Web Browsers already have a Master Password option to guard your log in passwords.

Why didn’t we see this sooner?  Is this what bad Banking practices do to a society?

Why Communism Will Never Work (No Money)

Communism is where The Communist Party in control uses Money, but forces it’s People under their rule to take only what they are given.  Example: A Citizen under Communism is given everything for free, without the use of Money, but no more no less.  This means one tooth brush per person as an example of resource management.  There is no way to evolve such an economy under such a Governmental Structure like Communism.  Communism may work in times like the Middle Ages when there were no Automated Factories, Computers or High Technology.

Thank you,
Matthew Kukowski