Homeless Holocaust in America

In America there is a Holocaust going on. There are families and individuals in the 10’s of Thousands living in their Car or some vehicle. A Typical image of a homeless person is pushing a lonely cart which we have adjusted to look away from and continue on your commute to work. But, families with Children and a dieing Wife with a Husband that looks like he would kill the people that crashed the American economy says it all in this Image.

There need not be any FEMA Camps. This country we call America is going to see more people living in their cars.  These websites  AUCTION.COM and. ZILLOW.COM  has partnered to AUTOMATE your eviction. You will be next.  Typically this was all done by paper work at the County Sheriffs office and took time for people that had paid off their mortgage and just owed Property Taxes. Now this computer automation ( which I love computers and all ) has your Grand Mothers home on the chopping block.  It is a Title issue where the state Owns your home even though you have fully paid it off from the Bank.  The Sheriff will come and throw your Mattress out and harass you with a Gun that is holstered. The title that counters this State protocol is called an Allodial Title.  But, the only state that has such a title that lets you keep your home if paid off from any Mortgage is Arizona currently.  All other 49 US States use what is called a Statutory Warranty Deed. But, this Statutory Deed of Warranty does not protect your paid off Home from collection by the State County Sheriffs office.  You DO NOT OWN your home, even if you pay for 30 years in a fix rate mortgage.  You are evicted just the same as if you where a renter.

England came up with this Deed Title system in which it is putting everyone in America as slave status.  Not even Social Security can make these Property Tax payments due to Tax rise and food costs and everything else like water and energy bills.

Look up auction.com and click any US State and the auction list used to be held in September but there are THOUSANDS now on the chopping block that they are now held MONTHLY.

There is an American Homeless Camp-less Holocaust developing right now as of this post and years prior.   There are people driving in their cars homeless and lost, some even laughing in hysteria as they have no where to go.  Please google search homeless in a car.