Murder 1,2,3 (Bond Markets)

People like to blame Fascism, Corporatism, Statism, Oil, Privatization (especially) even 9/11.  But, the real flaw is the Interest Payment Plan.

It is that simple.  Interested in Murder?  Well, if a President signs any Executive Order to change the Federal Reserve they will probably be murdered like JFK.  JFK was killed needlessly over some bullshit Silver Back currency when really he should have signed away Interest Payments.  So, you do it publicly using the Senate.  All they have to do is NOT include any Interest Payments in your banking draft.  You can include legal jargon tall you want, just do not Include Interest Payments in any banking draft.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

In fact do you know what the next Bretton Woods will be?  No Interest in Interest Payments.  NOTHING else will change in Business or Banking.  No need to hate Corporations or Religion or People in general.

You can argue it is this or that or the other, but Interest payments (selling money) breaks the Currency Flow.

How is one to get more energy In than it Put Out?  Interest payments is like expecting 12 Volts from a 10 Volt battery.

How do you get 2 volts extra but from a bullshit Interest Payment called 1% interest in Federal Reserve Notes established in 1913-1914.

Now the Interest payments are 40% or more.  1% was a DEATH NAIL to the World.

Now you know why the world is going to go to World War for a THIRD TIME.

Let say I lend you 10 dollars but expect 12 dollars back.  Well you just caused a BANKRUPTCY WORLD WIDE.

2 Dollars is all I am asking for extra to make it 12 dollars.  After all I lent you 10 Dollars right.

See how this logic in a computer system and accounting will CRASH every Economy in the WORLD.

Isn’t it interesting how World War 1 started just after the Federal Reserve 1$ interest in payments happened?

World War 2 soon followed.

Now we get a 3rd try.

INTEREST PAYMENTS are to blame… NOT privatisation or ny of that.  In fact, if it were Privatization the entire Corporate Structure were Safeway Food
Toys R US or any small business would have to fold and be destroyed.

There is hope.  All we need to do is get rid of Interest Payments to a bullshit Federal Reserve.