Lucky Number 7

0 1 – Sunday – Son Day
1 2 – Monday – Moon Day
2 3 – Tuesday –  Twos Day
3 4 – Wednesday – Wedding Day
4 5 – Thursday – Thirsty Day
5 6 – Friday – Fry Day
6 7 – Saturday – Saturn Day

Does it start at 0 or 1.  It is both as they are intertwined.

Moon Day (monday) is Female day.  Male day is Tuesday (Twos Day).  Marriage is Wedding Day.  Thursday they get Thirsty for Thursday.  Which leads to Friday a Child.  On Friday they took that day off and had sex.

We are all suppose to take at least three days off and have three children.  If a population does not take three days off from work.  Sex is not work by the way.  That population will fall into war.

Four is the foundation.  Pyramids have four corners at the base.  We have to work stating at the foundations but take three days off  working towards the 5th corner.  The 5th corner is the top of the Pyramid.  Notice that Thursday and Friday are position 5.  5 swaps between the 2 because it can never be exactly pin pointed.

Why 3 days off and 4 days of work? Because the volume of a Sphere has a ratio of 4/3.  The aspect ratio of flat screens is 4:3.  There are 7 days in a week.  4 plus 3 equals 7.  4 multiplied by 3 equals twelve months.

The reason why children take 3 months off from school is to remind us that adults can only work 4 days a week.  If a population can not make a living in proper pay working 4 days a week that population will work in the name of War, which isn’t Good (God).  Every adult has to be able to work and get paid or their children and entire Population will fall into war and murder which (witch) is not a Bad Dad  or Mad Mom but both .

Friday is a study day.  It is a day of exchange.  On Friday is when you have Children, Teens and Adults Study.  Study make one lazy sitting around reading getting too fat.  Only one day a week should we study.  Two days a week are optional, usually called Saturn’s Day and Sun Day.  Monday through Thursday are work days.  Everything comes in three’s where you like it or not.

Work Day, Study Day and Optional Day.  Optional can be Work, Study or Nothing.  Everything comes in 3’s.

You get 3 days to figure out Sunday.  If you do not figure it out by Sunday it is back to work on Monday.

Work isn’t Optional unless it is on Saturday or Sunday.

Catholics lay claim to Saturn’s Day.  Christians lay claim to Sun’s Day.  Friday though is when Study is not Optional.

Christ was crucified on Sunday their lucky number.  Christ can represent an entire Nation or a Person.  Catholics try to warn Christians on Saturn’s Day before Sun day but never seem to in time.  This is why we study on Friday.  A Fry warns the Catholics which warn the Christians.  If Frys’ do not study all is lost.


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