Why Governments of the World do not address UFOs.

0 – Thousands of Books have been written about UFOs but people do not read.  Politicians have to put a Human voice to these books.  Officially, but UFO beings look so strange they really do not know what to say.  Also, UFO enthusiasts only think about one issue and that is too pushy for World Government Leaders.  World Leaders are always asked, “Who do we save the Planet?”  It is called economics and UFOs actually scare People.

1 – Human beings are in the mist of Industrial Revolutions and only just now came apon Video, let alone internet.

2 – UFO beings are not able to speak.  They are Bald, Gesture with their mouths but are unable to Speak.  They have large eyes, but human beings have tiny darting eyes that are incompatible with UFO beings eyes.  UFO beings temperament is much more docile that human darting war like behavior.  The Size of your eyes determines your evolution.

3 – Human beings just do not understand UFO beings let alone their Machinery.  Their computer systems and hardware and software are scary to Humans.

4 – All the videos you see of UFO beings are black and white and brand new.  Human beings are perplexed by these new videos.  The video technology is brand new to us humans.  Humans expect UFO beings to be just like Humans.  They are seemingly child like because they do not possess any war like mentality.  No war what so ever, let alone sexual violence or machinery violence. called War.

Human beings actual think they can out maneuver and out wit Cloaking and Darting at the speed of light technology that is Millions and Millions of year already developed technology.  UFOs are so advanced as compared to the 150 year Human Industrial Revolution that it is laughable advanced.  So sickeningly advanced are these UFOs it makes you sick with joy.

There are millions of light years between the Galaxies and Thousands between the Solar Systems.  Given how long it would take Intelligence Creatures to just travel between way points called Stars, probably doesn’t add up in your mind as fathomable.  The time it would take to develop what UFO beings have PLUS the time it takes to travel between the stars makes these UFOs absolute.