Calen-Dear (Calendar)

1  – January is the Actuary. (We are all one, trying to Figure it out.)
2  – February is second because F is the second letter.  (Federal Way. Federal Away to the County.  We are counting you to the State Sheriff.  So, share.)
3  – March is to get information.  We are searching in 3’s.
4  – April is to Ape for Real. We are magnetite as opposites attract. (It is Magic Magnets.)
5  – May is to maybe march into War.
6  – June is the Not See Sun as it will blind you. (June Sun is the Summer time.)
7  – July is the Jew Lie, because the Not See Symbol got it backwards.
8  – August is the Augment and stick together and not get Raw War.  (War is Raw spelled backwards.)
9  – September is your septic system not augmented because you gave a shit.  (You gave a shit, you did not take one.)
10 – October is what you Ate (Eight because 4 + 4 = 8 as in Sacred Geometry is some Octopus.  8 arms plus 2.  It is plus 2 because 4’s come in pairs.)
11 – November is the Novice as they think there are only 11 dimensions.
12 – December is Decimal but plus two.

Where is Zero?  It is the Hole. 0 is the Whole.


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