Religion leads to Science

Your Koran Away.  You became so scared at the core of your being you ran away.
Your Core Ran Away.

The Holy Bible is full of Holes and so you are scared you left something out.
The Holey Bib is a womb-man with a baby that wholey can not piece it together.

The Torah, torn you apart.
Tor ah what?

Catholics are Alcoholics.
Cathode is negative.

Religion makes you re-legion against your own kind.  Religion is intentionally not spelled right as to hide.

If you do not have a religion, you have to have something and Science is what is left over after exhausting everything else.

Science means Sci or maybe (sigh/sci) and ence means Pence (penny in England) an idea or an object (what is money, Paper or Electron Credit Card). They like science because they like money.  Money is the only thing we like as if we do not like each other money can transact peacefully.

Religion took two things from us, that only Science could/can fix.

  1. Wisdom Teeth

    Do not pull your Wisdom Teeth. Pulling them causing all your teeth to fall out, because when the Wisdom Teeth grow in they push the rest of them together.  This strengthens all your teeth when they are pushed together.  Pulling Wisdom Teeth causes flossing, which does nothing but cost Dental Care.  Lose of thickness of teeth making them brittle and fall out earlier than usual.  Dentists pull Wisdom Teeth to give themselves work in the future for all your cavities that form.

  2. Circumcision

    Cutting of the Penis and Vulva causes new born males and females to turn blue and pass out from the pain.  At birth we are traumatized.  In males, having foreskin shields rubbing of the Penis head in your pants as you walk. In females the labia needs to be there to prevent leakage from Periods each month. It is annoying, unnatural and torture at birth.  Doctors unwittingly trick Mothers by wording what to do with their baby boys at birth by stating the Question like this.  Wording and Phrasing Problem —>.Why Some Women Choose to Get CircumcisedExternal Female Genitalia Mutilation for females is described here.

  3. Mono-Sexuals also known as Homo-Sexuals (this includes male and female)
    People that hate homosexuals, Gay and Lesbians should love the fact that if you let them couple and have sex means they will NOT spread their genes.  So, let them have sex with each other and be free. Their genes are deformed, but letting them love each other will just keep their genes to themselves. Do not hate them as they hide from Gay bashing and just make more Gays to hide in the opposite sex.

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