Global Warming is Healthy

Ice expands when it freezes.  So, when Antarctic Ice melts it will contract into the Ocean again.  No Sea Level Rise or very little.  So, burn up the Oil and free up land to populate the Earth.

The Desert is nice and dry, free from moisture.

It is easy to make it rain with Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is putting to metallic plates into a bowl of water, Sea Water in particular to make fresh water.  One side is connected to a Battery to plates and the Hydrogen Oxygen Pressure presses on to two other plates to condense back into Water.  The condensation plates are like Rain Clouds.   Anyone can make fresh water from sea water.

Global Warming is healthy, especially if you live in Alaska and Frozen Russian tundra.  Between Alaska and Russia that is a lot of land.

Biloxi, Mississippi is hot and muggy.  The Nevada desert is nice and dry warm non-muggy weather.

People that are against Global Warming really must hate technology.



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