Religion leads to Science

Your Koran Away.  You became so scared at the core of your being you ran away.
Your Core Ran Away.

The Holy Bible is full of Holes and so you are scared you left something out.
The Holey Bib is a womb-man with a baby that wholey can not piece it together.

The Torah, torn you apart.
Tor ah what?

Catholics are Alcoholics.
Cathode is negative.

Religion makes you re-legion against your own kind.  Religion is intentionally not spelled right as to hide.

If you do not have a religion, you have to have something and Science is what is left over after exhausting everything else.

Science means Sci or maybe (sigh/sci) and ence means Pence (penny in England) an idea or an object (what is money, Paper or Electron Credit Card). They like science because they like money.  Money is the only thing we like as if we do not like each other money can transact peacefully.

Religion took two things from us, that only Science could/can fix.

  1. Wisdom Teeth

    Do not pull your Wisdom Teeth. Pulling them causing all your teeth to fall out, because when the Wisdom Teeth grow in they push the rest of them together.  This strengthens all your teeth when they are pushed together.  Pulling Wisdom Teeth causes flossing, which does nothing but cost Dental Care.  Lose of thickness of teeth making them brittle and fall out earlier than usual.  Dentists pull Wisdom Teeth to give themselves work in the future for all your cavities that form.

  2. Circumcision

    Cutting of the Penis and Vulva causes new born males and females to turn blue and pass out from the pain.  At birth we are traumatized.  In males, having foreskin shields rubbing of the Penis head in your pants as you walk. In females the labia needs to be there to prevent leakage from Periods each month. It is annoying, unnatural and torture at birth.  Doctors unwittingly trick Mothers by wording what to do with their baby boys at birth by stating the Question like this.  Wording and Phrasing Problem —>.Why Some Women Choose to Get CircumcisedExternal Female Genitalia Mutilation for females is described here.

  3. Mono-Sexuals also known as Homo-Sexuals (this includes male and female)
    People that hate homosexuals, Gay and Lesbians should love the fact that if you let them couple and have sex means they will NOT spread their genes.  So, let them have sex with each other and be free. Their genes are deformed, but letting them love each other will just keep their genes to themselves. Do not hate them as they hide from Gay bashing and just make more Gays to hide in the opposite sex.

Global Warming is Healthy

Ice expands when it freezes.  So, when Antarctic Ice melts it will contract into the Ocean again.  No Sea Level Rise or very little.  So, burn up the Oil and free up land to populate the Earth.

The Desert is nice and dry, free from moisture.

It is easy to make it rain with Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is putting to metallic plates into a bowl of water, Sea Water in particular to make fresh water.  One side is connected to a Battery to plates and the Hydrogen Oxygen Pressure presses on to two other plates to condense back into Water.  The condensation plates are like Rain Clouds.   Anyone can make fresh water from sea water.

Global Warming is healthy, especially if you live in Alaska and Frozen Russian tundra.  Between Alaska and Russia that is a lot of land.

Biloxi, Mississippi is hot and muggy.  The Nevada desert is nice and dry warm non-muggy weather.

People that are against Global Warming really must hate technology.


4/3 and the number 12

4/3 is special and needs a Symbol.

V = 4/3 PI r^2. This formula is for calculating the Volume of a Sphere. But, the 4/3 is special. It needs a symbol like PI and Radius has. Here is why.


First, base 12/10 has to be explained. Normally, we use just a single base in mind.
Like, base 2 (binary) or base 10 (fingers) or base 16 (hexadecimal).  But,
there does exist, via this first post about it, a dual base. Base 12/10.

If you add, looking at the image above, 8+2 you get 10 using base 10.  If you add
9+3 you get 12 in base 12 and 10.

This matters, because if you multiple 4 x 3 (instead of divide) you get 12 in base 10.

Thus base 12/10.  We can also include base 8, because everything always comes in 3's.

So to do it in base 8 you add 4+3 (instead of divide) to make 7.  0-7 has 8 digits, 
thus base 8.

So, there is this funny swapping effect of multiplying with adding and dividing with
adding. 12/4 = 3 and 12/3 = 4.   So, the 3 and 4 are swapping back and forth as 12
is the common numerator in a base 10 number system.  No one thought of a common
numerator.  It is always a common denominator math people use.

I choice Base 12/10 because base 2 is 0's and 1's like swapping to make 10.

Base 12/10.

Based on 12/3 and 12/4 swapping 3 with 4 or 0 with 1.



The above formula is a reduced version of the first formula. In searching for why 4/3 meant anything (12/4 and 12/3) swapping 1’s and 0’s to make 01 (base 2), because base 10, I came across this other person’s post. Click here to view her post. The absurd thing is that in her post where I had to consult a math lover that really wasn’t looking for non-random (unintentional) truth but instead gave it. The formula that inspired my last image was from her 3rd image in her post (as all things come in 3’s). I was not randomly thoroughing out math, but she was. So the swapping effect from his/her and her/his just goes on and on.

12 is a universal base number system like base 2. Base 2 is Binary using a minimum of 2 digits, as it can not go to base 1 using 1 digit.  The upper limit base number system is base 12, as it is tied to PI and a logarithmic guitar, as apposed to a Sitar which is random and senseless non-logarithmic. Other base number systems in between 2 and 12 are common example like base 10 and base 8 (used in computers RWX or Octal).

You can created base 16 but to physical reality like Geometry, there is no point.  32 bits are used but 24 bits whee used as 4 bits where once used.

Base 12 is related to PI and 12 notes on a guitar. In calculations of Spherical volumes we use 4/3 times PI times radius cubed. But, we need to make 4/3 a SYMBOL and that is my point. Make a new mathematical symbol that represents 4/3.

Here is how 12 is calculated in with 4/3.

Question: How was the below formula obtained?
Answer: With a mixture of the two fractional ones above.


There are three ways to look at the solution.

1) Add 8+4 and 9+3 and both equal 12.
2) Or add 9+3 in base 12/10 it equals 8, because
   4+3 is 7 or 0-7 or 8 digits (looking at 4/3)
   9 + 3.
  (9 + (10, 11, 12)) where 3 are three place holders for base 10 but adding in base
3) 4/3 if multiplied 4x3=12

The first and third is much simpler to understand. And funny enough 4/3 = 1.3333333333 which is 1 the first and 3 the third, looking at the previous sentence.  If the 2nd confuses you look at the beginning of this post and the first greyed paragraph.

And with my magical math skills I leave the best for last.  PI fascinates mathematicians to no end.  When I first saw this from Wikipedia I wondered why it did not roll out to 3 but 3.1415 instead.  Well Richard Feynman was right.  The universe is asymmetry, ever moving.  But, he was looking at a flower or any plant in nature.  Then fractals along with 1980’s computers, showed in computer simulation fractals and asymmetry.  Time moves in one direction only, because the universe is asymmetrical.  Time can not do both in perfect symmetry.  Asymmetry.


In computers, as I really do not like math as much as programming in algebra using C, PHP and JavaScript (math sucks without pictures); there is a thing called precision.  Precision is the remainder, which in PI is 0.1415.  This precision is the space between atoms.  Just like in 3D modeling of reality on a computer, so is physical reality.

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