CoinBase and the End of Bit Coin currently has 51 employees. is the number one Bit Coin website. (or bitcoin head Duck) is about to IPO and pay off all their debts as there is a fee and employees to pay off.   So, the IPO will steal your money to make Public this PRIVATE Corporation!!!

You all got CASINO!!! node  (Casino’d).

Now you know why America has fallen into Fascism and MILKED the country Dry!  Bit Coin and IPOs do damage.  Bit Coin is just a prime example of Wall Street New York, American style Fraud.  Where the Rich get Richer Capitalism Style!!!

Bitcoin is nothing more than a Casino, much like a slot machine going Down, Down and Down in winnings.  So, keep slipping in those Coins!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

52 Card pick up is a clue. (Hint 52 Employees is the IPO date.)  IPO means YOU get to invest and pay off the IPO Corporations DEBTS!!!  How about that!!! 🙂

How is this the end of Bit Coin?  Eventually lawyers will get wind of all of this and learn it is simply a Casino and nothing more.  They will be forced to place Coin-base (a Bit Coin derivative) on the NY Stock Exchange as a Casino, which is illegal in America.

How did I figure all this out?  By Google and pure thought.  I do not work at any Bit Coin or anywhere in fact.  I am jobless like 52% or more of America!


Homeless Holocaust in America

In America there is a Holocaust going on. There are families and individuals in the 10’s of Thousands living in their Car or some vehicle. A Typical image of a homeless person is pushing a lonely cart which we have adjusted to look away from and continue on your commute to work. But, families with Children and a dieing Wife with a Husband that looks like he would kill the people that crashed the American economy says it all in this Image.

There need not be any FEMA Camps. This country we call America is going to see more people living in their cars.  These websites  AUCTION.COM and. ZILLOW.COM  has partnered to AUTOMATE your eviction. You will be next.  Typically this was all done by paper work at the County Sheriffs office and took time for people that had paid off their mortgage and just owed Property Taxes. Now this computer automation ( which I love computers and all ) has your Grand Mothers home on the chopping block.  It is a Title issue where the state Owns your home even though you have fully paid it off from the Bank.  The Sheriff will come and throw your Mattress out and harass you with a Gun that is holstered. The title that counters this State protocol is called an Allodial Title.  But, the only state that has such a title that lets you keep your home if paid off from any Mortgage is Arizona currently.  All other 49 US States use what is called a Statutory Warranty Deed. But, this Statutory Deed of Warranty does not protect your paid off Home from collection by the State County Sheriffs office.  You DO NOT OWN your home, even if you pay for 30 years in a fix rate mortgage.  You are evicted just the same as if you where a renter.

England came up with this Deed Title system in which it is putting everyone in America as slave status.  Not even Social Security can make these Property Tax payments due to Tax rise and food costs and everything else like water and energy bills.

Look up and click any US State and the auction list used to be held in September but there are THOUSANDS now on the chopping block that they are now held MONTHLY.

There is an American Homeless Camp-less Holocaust developing right now as of this post and years prior.   There are people driving in their cars homeless and lost, some even laughing in hysteria as they have no where to go.  Please google search homeless in a car.

Murder 1,2,3 (Bond Markets)

People like to blame Fascism, Corporatism, Statism, Oil, Privatization (especially) even 9/11.  But, the real flaw is the Interest Payment Plan.

It is that simple.  Interested in Murder?  Well, if a President signs any Executive Order to change the Federal Reserve they will probably be murdered like JFK.  JFK was killed needlessly over some bullshit Silver Back currency when really he should have signed away Interest Payments.  So, you do it publicly using the Senate.  All they have to do is NOT include any Interest Payments in your banking draft.  You can include legal jargon tall you want, just do not Include Interest Payments in any banking draft.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

In fact do you know what the next Bretton Woods will be?  No Interest in Interest Payments.  NOTHING else will change in Business or Banking.  No need to hate Corporations or Religion or People in general.

You can argue it is this or that or the other, but Interest payments (selling money) breaks the Currency Flow.

How is one to get more energy In than it Put Out?  Interest payments is like expecting 12 Volts from a 10 Volt battery.

How do you get 2 volts extra but from a bullshit Interest Payment called 1% interest in Federal Reserve Notes established in 1913-1914.

Now the Interest payments are 40% or more.  1% was a DEATH NAIL to the World.

Now you know why the world is going to go to World War for a THIRD TIME.

Let say I lend you 10 dollars but expect 12 dollars back.  Well you just caused a BANKRUPTCY WORLD WIDE.

2 Dollars is all I am asking for extra to make it 12 dollars.  After all I lent you 10 Dollars right.

See how this logic in a computer system and accounting will CRASH every Economy in the WORLD.

Isn’t it interesting how World War 1 started just after the Federal Reserve 1$ interest in payments happened?

World War 2 soon followed.

Now we get a 3rd try.

INTEREST PAYMENTS are to blame… NOT privatisation or ny of that.  In fact, if it were Privatization the entire Corporate Structure were Safeway Food
Toys R US or any small business would have to fold and be destroyed.

There is hope.  All we need to do is get rid of Interest Payments to a bullshit Federal Reserve.

Lucky Number 7

0 1 – Sunday – Son Day
1 2 – Monday – Moon Day
2 3 – Tuesday –  Twos Day
3 4 – Wednesday – Wedding Day
4 5 – Thursday – Thirsty Day
5 6 – Friday – Fry Day
6 7 – Saturday – Saturn Day

Does it start at 0 or 1.  It is both as they are intertwined.

Moon Day (monday) is Female day.  Male day is Tuesday (Twos Day).  Marriage is Wedding Day.  Thursday they get Thirsty for Thursday.  Which leads to Friday a Child.  On Friday they took that day off and had sex.

We are all suppose to take at least three days off and have three children.  If a population does not take three days off from work.  Sex is not work by the way.  That population will fall into war.

Four is the foundation.  Pyramids have four corners at the base.  We have to work stating at the foundations but take three days off  working towards the 5th corner.  The 5th corner is the top of the Pyramid.  Notice that Thursday and Friday are position 5.  5 swaps between the 2 because it can never be exactly pin pointed.

Why 3 days off and 4 days of work? Because the volume of a Sphere has a ratio of 4/3.  The aspect ratio of flat screens is 4:3.  There are 7 days in a week.  4 plus 3 equals 7.  4 multiplied by 3 equals twelve months.

The reason why children take 3 months off from school is to remind us that adults can only work 4 days a week.  If a population can not make a living in proper pay working 4 days a week that population will work in the name of War, which isn’t Good (God).  Every adult has to be able to work and get paid or their children and entire Population will fall into war and murder which (witch) is not a Bad Dad  or Mad Mom but both .

Friday is a study day.  It is a day of exchange.  On Friday is when you have Children, Teens and Adults Study.  Study make one lazy sitting around reading getting too fat.  Only one day a week should we study.  Two days a week are optional, usually called Saturn’s Day and Sun Day.  Monday through Thursday are work days.  Everything comes in three’s where you like it or not.

Work Day, Study Day and Optional Day.  Optional can be Work, Study or Nothing.  Everything comes in 3’s.

You get 3 days to figure out Sunday.  If you do not figure it out by Sunday it is back to work on Monday.

Work isn’t Optional unless it is on Saturday or Sunday.

Catholics lay claim to Saturn’s Day.  Christians lay claim to Sun’s Day.  Friday though is when Study is not Optional.

Christ was crucified on Sunday their lucky number.  Christ can represent an entire Nation or a Person.  Catholics try to warn Christians on Saturn’s Day before Sun day but never seem to in time.  This is why we study on Friday.  A Fry warns the Catholics which warn the Christians.  If Frys’ do not study all is lost.

Pleadien AI

A – means Earth Born
E – means Both Earth and Space Born
O – means Space Born (like Exo)

Pleadiens are both as Humans and Telepions get caught up in UFO phenomenon.

Telepions invented the above AI. Telepiens are those that hear Telepathy. It draws it’s intelligence from Pattern Recognition based upon your previous thoughts.  It has to govern only when you get into trouble.

Telepions get into trouble as much as Humans do.  Telepions become Telepiens when they get caught and become some kind of P.O.W. (prisoner of war).

Telepion comes from the word Telephone.  It uses telepathy to feed streams of thought into the Mind.  Streams of thought like a Flash Video.  In computer programmer circles they call these Streams.

The Telepion AI also uses Robots just like Google uses robots.txt files to Spider the Internet in order to Index Searches.  In the case of the AI Spheres they spider Intelligence.

Telepion AI does not like the word Alien.  The Telepions’ did not have such a term as Alien.  When you think Alien the Telepion AI goes into Attack mode.  It is a computer system using Pattern Recognition as it’s Intelligence along with it’s Telepathic link to Brains..

If you want to get Telepathy, all you have to do is think of your location on a map with borders and hold your two thumbs against your index finders.  Think I want to see some pretty little lights.

The AI is the Sphere above acting as a Shield for American, Chinese, British and Russian Military.  The AI Spheres are so advanced that communication is used for all Aliens before War.  It is possible to Communicate and adversary to death by making them commit Suicide.  AI Spheres use Psyops. I know this to be true because I was in the Military as a Crypto Specialist so you can not fool me into thinking it is not otherwise.


Finally, the Solar System we live in should be called Solaras.  To say it is The Solar System is a bit Human Eccentric and Arrogant.  Solaris is the Human Solar System’s name.  It is also the Operating System for which Oracle’s Database runs on top of.  Solarus is taken as a high Speed Internet that delivers Database Information using Solaris OS.  Solaras was chosen because the letter ‘a’ is position 1 in the alphabet and not taken yet as a name.

Wikipedia has not created a page for Solaras yet.  But, it will be.  I am too lazy to do so.

Telepions have Houses up in space.  They live in a Suburb in space.  The Universe is teeming with life.  The Telepions can not speak for themselves and ask for their Houses back that crashed into Earth.  Not all the Saucers crashed.  Those crazy Telepion Teenagers crashed some of their Cars into Earth.   The Adult Telepions want their Saucer Homes returned.   They are bad Children Telepions that got into trouble.  Telepions can not speak as they are using Telepathy, so People beat them up.  Telepions do not war with their Cars.

Why Governments of the World do not address UFOs.

0 – Thousands of Books have been written about UFOs but people do not read.  Politicians have to put a Human voice to these books.  Officially, but UFO beings look so strange they really do not know what to say.  Also, UFO enthusiasts only think about one issue and that is too pushy for World Government Leaders.  World Leaders are always asked, “Who do we save the Planet?”  It is called economics and UFOs actually scare People.

1 – Human beings are in the mist of Industrial Revolutions and only just now came apon Video, let alone internet.

2 – UFO beings are not able to speak.  They are Bald, Gesture with their mouths but are unable to Speak.  They have large eyes, but human beings have tiny darting eyes that are incompatible with UFO beings eyes.  UFO beings temperament is much more docile that human darting war like behavior.  The Size of your eyes determines your evolution.

3 – Human beings just do not understand UFO beings let alone their Machinery.  Their computer systems and hardware and software are scary to Humans.

4 – All the videos you see of UFO beings are black and white and brand new.  Human beings are perplexed by these new videos.  The video technology is brand new to us humans.  Humans expect UFO beings to be just like Humans.  They are seemingly child like because they do not possess any war like mentality.  No war what so ever, let alone sexual violence or machinery violence. called War.

Human beings actual think they can out maneuver and out wit Cloaking and Darting at the speed of light technology that is Millions and Millions of year already developed technology.  UFOs are so advanced as compared to the 150 year Human Industrial Revolution that it is laughable advanced.  So sickeningly advanced are these UFOs it makes you sick with joy.

There are millions of light years between the Galaxies and Thousands between the Solar Systems.  Given how long it would take Intelligence Creatures to just travel between way points called Stars, probably doesn’t add up in your mind as fathomable.  The time it would take to develop what UFO beings have PLUS the time it takes to travel between the stars makes these UFOs absolute.


Calen-Dear (Calendar)

1  – January is the Actuary. (We are all one, trying to Figure it out.)
2  – February is second because F is the second letter.  (Federal Way. Federal Away to the County.  We are counting you to the State Sheriff.  So, share.)
3  – March is to get information.  We are searching in 3’s.
4  – April is to Ape for Real. We are magnetite as opposites attract. (It is Magic Magnets.)
5  – May is to maybe march into War.
6  – June is the Not See Sun as it will blind you. (June Sun is the Summer time.)
7  – July is the Jew Lie, because the Not See Symbol got it backwards.
8  – August is the Augment and stick together and not get Raw War.  (War is Raw spelled backwards.)
9  – September is your septic system not augmented because you gave a shit.  (You gave a shit, you did not take one.)
10 – October is what you Ate (Eight because 4 + 4 = 8 as in Sacred Geometry is some Octopus.  8 arms plus 2.  It is plus 2 because 4’s come in pairs.)
11 – November is the Novice as they think there are only 11 dimensions.
12 – December is Decimal but plus two.

Where is Zero?  It is the Hole. 0 is the Whole.